Boris Velican

Production Manager

Boris did his first movie in 1999, a documentary on the Inka tribe in Peru and Bolivia. 2001 he started studying at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, Croatia. From 2006 his official title is MA Producer for film, TV and theatre. Since January 2023 Boris is working at eitelsonnenschein as Production Manager. At eitelsonnenschein he especially likes his colleagues. „They’re so relaxed, but still very focused. I see eitelsonnenschein as a company, which will grow. One could say that I’m Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.“ he laughs.  

Boris has a traveler’s soul. He visited more than 100 countries worldwide in very special ways (traveling on foot from Russia to France, on foot from Europe to The Sahara, riding a scooter to China and back, writing 4 travel books, etc.). „I like to make AV projects of all kinds. I just love making movies.“ There are many anecdotes in the last 24 years, which Boris has to share. He mentions the one when the stunt coordinator from the South African Republic smashed the wall in a casino, owned by the mafia, at 2 o’clock in the morning: „And I needed him the next morning on set“, he smiles. „Further, I will never forget producing the movie ‘Fishing and Fishermen’s Conversations’. 70% of the movie was filmed at and on the Adriatic Sea. Those who did similar projects know what I’m talking about.“

His greatest weakness? „German is not my native language, but my goal is to make it as perfect as possible.“ Boris’ dream is to produce big feature films with eitelsonnenschein. „By the way, my zodiac sign is Capricorn – I will do it!“ he says. – We’re pretty sure about that, Boris! 

1977 born in Offenbach, Germany
1991 – 1995 Archdiocesan Classical Gymnasium in Zagreb, Croatia
1995 – 1997

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb (Latin & History) 

2001 – 2006 Academy of Drama Art in Zagreb (Film, TV and Theatre production)

since 2023

Production Manager at eitelsonnenschein

Selection of projects

2023 / Dreaming of El Dorado / long documentary / producer 

2022 / Tour guide / travel doc. series / TV presenter, screenwriter 

2021 / Hanau / long feature / line producer 

2021 / On a Horses to the Black Sea / travel doc. series / TV presenter 

2020 / Fishing and Fishermen’s Conversation / long feature / producer  

2018 – 2020 / Storkman /long documentary/ PM  

2017 – 2018 / Čista ljubav / telenovela 171 episodes – Nova TV / 1st AD 

2017 / Drone Wars / Jon Perkins / TV series (13 x ’52) / PM 

2016 / Captain and The Mermaid / long documentary / producer 

2013 / Cowboys / long feature / PM 

2011 / Blueberella / long feature / PM 

2010 / Auschwitz / long feature / PM 

2010 / Blood Rayne – Third Reich / long feature / PM 

2009 / Max Schmeling / long feature / PM 

2009 / From here to Tralala / long documentary /producer 

2005 / As good as dead / short feature / producer

2001 / Morocco / Marko Račan / documentary / producer 

2000 / Inka trails / documentary / producer